It’s A Wonderful Life:
a Live Radio Play

November 24th – December 17th
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm
Saturday December 9th at 4:30pm
Sunday December 10th at 2pm & 5pm
Saturday December 16th at 4:30pm & 8pm

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Written by Joe Landry
Directed by Amanda DeMaio

The beloved American Classic comes to captivating life as a live 1940’s radio broadcast. With the help of an ensemble that brings a few dozen characters to the stage, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve.

The most heart-warming show of the holiday season!

Dear Brutus

January 12th - February 11th, 2018
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm
No shows on Sunday February 4th.

Written by J. M. Barrie
Directed by Alexis Stary

An odd assortment of guests are warned against going into the woods for it is Midsummer Eve (there is no woods in the neighborhood, but legend says that it sometimes appears). A philanderer, his young wife and the current object of his affections; an artist who has lost faith in himself and his wife who despises him; indolent lady and a delightful old couple venture into the forest that appears outside the windows and find dreams and desires answered. When they return, they gradually revert to their former state, but not without a memory of the wood.


Brain Freeze

January 20th – February 10th, 2018
Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm
No shows on Sunday February 4th

Written by David Macaray
Directed by Phil Brickey

A 2017 time-traveler awakens after having been in deep hibernation. The year is now 2118. The place is Fontana, California. But the fascinating new world that Philip Samsa is about to enter is far different than the one he expected. Indeed, as “different” as it turns out to be, it is nowhere near different enough. A sociological comedy about friendship and second chance.