Auditions Saturday March 4th at 10am

Peter and The Star Catcher

May 5th – June 4th
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm

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Based on the Novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
Music by Wayne Barker
Directed by Patti Cumby

PETER AND THE STARCATCHER is an hilarious and heart-warming tale filled with non-stop, madcap fun! In this 5 time Tony Award winning play, a dozen brilliant actors play more than 100 unforgettable characters using their enormous talent, ingenious stagecraft and the limitless possibilities of imagination. This swashbuckling grownup prequel to Peter Pan will have you hooked from the moment you let your imagination take flight.


All actors should bring a photo and resume. Prepare 18-32 bars of an uptempo song (bring recorded music ready to play or sheet music in appropriate key - accompanist will be present).

Be dressed to move and prepared to do cold readings from the script.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Some roles may be considered open gender rolls.

(Early – Mid 20s) A Boy who doesn’t miss much. Nameless, homeless, and friendless at the beginning of the play, and a hero by the end. Feral, brave, competitive, the boy the others will come to look up to. A survivor. More than anything in the world, he wants a home and a family. He will stare at adult life from a distance, but will never understand it, or enjoy it, because he will be forever held back in childhood. If he could grow up, he’d fall for Molly in a big way, but it’ll never happen.

(Early – Mid 20s) Raised to believe females can do anything males can. A natural leader at a time when girls are mostly followers. Fearless, passionate, devoted to her father, her country, and her Queen. Willing to risk everything for the sake of doing right. Curious, intelligent, beginning to feel things she doesn’t yet understand – romantic longings that revert to childish tantrums under pressure – because, for the moment, she’s still a thirteen-year-old kid. She’ll be one hell of a woman one day. Must have an excellent British accent. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Strong enough singer for featured solos, Mix/Belt

(Early – Late 30s) Long after most everyone else had gotten out of the Pirate business, the Black Stache stuck it out. He searches the seven seas for a hero worthy of his hatred, an opponent worthy of his villainy. Stache is ruthless, heartless, and just a little bit stupid. He’s suspiciously well-read, partial to the poetical and the theatrical, but can’t quite get it right on the night. Blames everyone else for his failures, as pirates do – and with a ferocity from which no good shall ever spring. Must be an excellent comedic actor who is comfortable with featured singing. Strong British accent. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Strong singer, Baritone/Tenor

(Early – Mid 20’s) A bit older than Peter. Ambitious, hyper-articulate, logical, yearns to be a leader even as he knows in his heart it’ll never happen, on account of the fact that the boys wouldn’t follow him no matter what. Just the teeny-tiniest touch of cowardice. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Baritone/Tenor

(Early - Mid 20’s) An orphan. Obsessed with food: the finding of, the eating of, the pining over, the dreaming about. The most talented of the boys, a natural actor, and easy wit, maybe even a poet. Called “Tubby” by Prentiss, though not due to girth, of which orphans, given their meager diets, have very little indeed. Fed up with Prentiss, but hungry for companionship. Must be funny and real: the comic responsibility is vital. Ability to play an instrument a plus. Particularly interested in violin or viola. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Seeking a strong singer baritone / tenor

(Late 30s – Early 40s) The very model of a Victorian English gentleman, loyal subject to the Queen, devoted father, faithful friend. Also, and not irrelevant to the story, Lord Aster is a Starcatcher – dedicated to protecting the earth and all who dwell there from the awesome power of Starstuff. Must have an excellent British accent. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Baritone/Tenor

(MALE Late 30s - Early 40s) Molly’s Nanny. A brave British widow with a big heart and a love of alliteration. A no-nonsense, good-time gal, who liked a rough shag and a quick drag too, back in the day. Still has enough of her girlish charm intact to turn a sailor’s head and leaven his dreams. Stiff in the lip, loose in the hip, fun on a ship. Also plays TEACHER, formerly a salmon, now an ancient, knowledgeable mermaid. Must have excellent British and Scottish accents. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Strong enough singer for a cappella solo. Baritone

(Late 30s - Early 40s) Captain of the sports teams at Trinity School, now commander of the fastest ship in Victoria’s fleet, the Wasp. If you don’t ask, he won’t tell about his school boy crush on Leonard Aster, also a student at Trinity. Years later, he would lead an expeditionary team to the South Pole, freeze to death, and become an iconic British hero, Scott of the Antarctic. Must have an excellent British accent. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Baritone/Tenor

(Early - Mid 30s) The mean and malodorous schoolmaster from St. Norbert’s Orphanage for Lost boys. Known as the Angel of Anguish, he keeps his boys in the dark, as sunlight is known to feed rebellious notions. Also plays MACK: A very bad sailor who wants to be anywhere else but under the thumb of Bill Slank. Also plays FIGHTING PRAWN: King of the Mollusk natives, son of Jumbo Prawn and Littleneck Clam. Kidnapped by British sailors and brought in chains to England, he served as sous-chef below stairs in a country estate in Derbyshire, where, for no good reason, he learned Italian wines and mastered Italian cuisine. Since returning to his island kingdom, he has vengefully murdered any English with the temerity to land on his Mollusk Isle domain. Must have an excellent British and convincing Tropical accent. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Bass/Baritone

(Early - Mid 30s) First mate to The Black Stache. Simple-minded but single-mindedly dedicated to his Captain’s every whim. No first name, and, from the day he was out of diapers, packed off somewhere to be subservient to somebody. His motto: “Tis good to be busy.” Must have an excellent British accent. Featured singer. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Strong singer, Tenor

(Late 30s - Early 40s) A vicious Captain without the skill or quality to lead anyone but himself, and always into disaster. Would sell his own mother for a ship to command, would kill his best friend for a leg-up from the stinking hole he calls home. Cheerfully aids the awful machinations of those who would use Starstuff for personal gain, global domination, or worse. An orphan, too. Also plays HAWKING CLAM: Son of Fighting Prawn and Princess Sweetnsour Prawn. Conceived the night his father was captured and whisked off to a British kitchen half a world away. Hawking shares his father’s hatred for the British. One day, he will ascend the Clam throne as head of the Royal Clam Clan. Must have an excellent British and convincing Tropical accent. VOCAL REQUIREMENTS: Bass/Baritone

(35 - 45) Gruff and butch exterior. Should be big, physically imposing, perhaps even overweight, while still agile and comfortable with movement. An “old” seadog who’s prouder of achieving the rank of “Mister” than he should be, given the state of the competition. A white knight in search of a damsel, any damsel. A romantic at heart, without ever having read a poem. Something about him appeals to the feminine sensibility; might be his bow legs, his saucy gait, or his kind heart. Blue-collar English accent a plus. Seeking a tenor to a solid A.

Auditions Saturday April 15, at 10am

Merchant of Venice

June 23rd – July 23rd
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm

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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Joe Parrish

A lost fortune, a lover's choice and one of the most powerful expressions of "the quality of mercy" in literature: meet Portia, Bassanio and Shylock, the Jewish moneylender and one of Shakespeare’s most controversial characters of all time.

Shakespeare’s suspenseful comedy with a tragic core is the story of religion, race and prejudice has caused controversy wherever it has been presented. Bassanio, a young man-about-town is determined to woo the wealthy heiress Portia, but in order to finance his quest, he needs 3,000 ducats. Enter Shylock. The scales of justice and the bonds of family, friendship and love are tested in a world of deception, faithlessness and treachery.