Auditions Saturday February 11th, 10am


April 1st – April 9th
Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at 5:30pm

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Written by Colleen McCandless
Directed by Lottie Frick

Six months after the sudden passing of his mother, 12-year-old Bran and his family are now also losing their home. His father Robin is coping by not talking about it, and his sister Jay is coping by yelling and playing with matches. Bran finds that he is changing in ways that are more physical when he begins finding black feathers growing through his hair. He knew something was different when that crow started talking to him in his front yard.


A twelve-year-old boy. Kind, trusting, a listener. Trying to understand the changes occurring within his family and himself.
QUILL A very young female crow. Bright, curious, analogous to Bran's age. Sees the world as a good and exciting place. Uninterested in boring human nonsense, but loves Bran.
JAY Bran's sister, 17. A natural protector, completely thrown into chaos by her mother's death. Turns to anger, seeks love.
ROBIN Bran's father, 42. A dedicated photographer and gentle spirit suddenly in the role of single parent. Since losing his wife, cannot face emotion at all.
WREN Bran's mother, 41, deceased. Head of the family, breadwinner, emotional support, tentpole. Warm, hard-working, generous. Now, separated from her family, speaks only in fables.
LUCY Jay's best friend, 17. Sweet, observant, steadfast. Very close to Jay; her only real confidant since Wren's death. There is something unspoken between them.

Audition Sides:
Bran Monologue
Jay Monologue side
Lucy & Jay side
Quill & Bran Side
Robin, Jay & Bran side
Wren Side